Cozmic online dating

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Cozmic online dating

Dave’s Cosmic Subs is not your typical “Establishment” sub shop.Stop by to experience Dave’s Cosmic Subculture for yourself!Every time such experiments have been conducted, however, standing water has proven to be perfectly level.7) Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects.6) If Earth were a ball 25,000 miles in circumference as NASA and modern astronomy claim, spherical trigonometry dictates the surface of all standing water must curve downward an easily measurable 8 inches per mile multiplied by the square of the distance.This means along a 6 mile channel of standing water, the Earth would dip 6 feet on either end from the central peak.2) The horizon always rises to the eye level of the observer as altitude is gained, so you never have to look down to see it.

PDF This 35 page ebook full of photographs and diagrams is the perfect tool to help spark conversation and awaken your friends and family to the mother of all conspiracies.

Please make copies, print, distribute, re-upload and do everything you can to get this most important information out to the masses!

Download from the link above or read the entire thing online below: 1) The horizon always appears perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer regardless of altitude.

If Earth were truly a spinning ball then many of these rivers would be impossibly flowing uphill, for example the Mississippi in its 3000 miles would have to ascend 11 miles before reaching the Gulf of Mexico.

5) One portion of the Nile River flows for a thousand miles with a fall of only one foot.

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A legend that is spreading at “Cosmic” speed across the state and beyond.