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Dating phwoar

"I think it came down to how beautifully the players sounded on that record," she says."Production-wise, [co-producer] Richie [Belkner] and I didn't want to take anything away from them. We wanted the record to stand the test of time." For her new album, due later in the year, Blackman has found a new sound."I loved that the acoustic guitar was a percussive and melodic instrument at the same time.It took me a while to get used to the electric guitar.Her childhood would be spent taking days off school to sit in her parents' Paddington studio and "smell the paint and the turps".

Today, Blackman's records are sold in stores in mass-produced sleeves with the "crappy printouts" of her face that she has always tried to avoid.On the other hand, her debut album from last year, Headway, was a sparse, acoustic affair.Inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu and Joni Mitchell, Blackman weaved her way through some highly crafted balladry and threw in pop singles Favourite Jeans and Criminal of Desire for good measure.It was a fitting start for the daughter of one of Australia's most renowned visual artists, who is now becoming a celebrated artist in her own right.A child of Charles Blackman's second wife, Genevieve de Couvreur, Bertie Blackman grew up with an abstract colourist mum and a celebrated figurative-painter dad.

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Inspired in part by the Strokes-led rock revival, her percussive acoustic guitar has been replaced by a grittier electric on the first single, You Kill Me.

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