Enfp dating bible

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Enfp dating bible

The ENFP can introduce new angles and perspectives that the INTJ in their intense, single-minded vision may have missed.

In their singular focus and their penchant for efficiency, INTJs can miss details or alternatives that can greatly improve the creativity and excellence of their work.

Life is full of possibility and excitement for the ENFP, and they have an infectious enthusiasm that draws the INTJ in.The ENFP will have a broad focus, seeing numerous possibilities everywhere.The INTJ may feel that the ENFP is speaking out loud intuitive thoughts and feelings that they have internalized.This means that both ENFPs and INTJs not only perceive the world through intuition, they also have a common feeling and thinking function, although in a separate order.Where the ENFP will have a higher knowledge and awareness of his/her own emotions and values, the INTJ will have a higher awareness of the logical approach and efficient task completion.

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The INTJ can help the ENFP stick to a time management plan and can make their dreams more of a possibility with their efficiency at setting up plans and timelines.

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