How soon cam i have sex after giving birth

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How soon cam i have sex after giving birth

The possibilities of ovulating during the first 6 weeks of giving birth are usually very low, but they are not impossible at all.Soon after the postpartum bleeding ceases and the mother isn’t exclusively breastfeeding, she may resume her ovulation at around 10 weeks after she has given birth.About 80% of women who do not breast feed have their normal periods at approximately this time.Thus, there exists a possibility that a woman could become pregnant even without having or experiencing her period.

Here is video to tell you when you can start to have intercourse with your partner, how soon you will get pregnant after delivery and why it is important to take contraception after delivery: There has been very limited research in regard to this subject; however, getting pregnant in between the 12 months after giving birth is linked or associated with an increased potential risk of: According to studies and research that has been conducted on the risks associated with pregnancy shortly after giving birth, the risks have been shown to increase, especially of uterine rupture in women attempting vaginal birth after caesarian, commonly known as VBAC, less than eighteen months after the previous delivery.

Although health care practitioners recommend not having sex before your sixth week checkup, but it can happen sometimes especially if you don’t use any form of contraception or any birth control methods.

In addition, when women breast feed, it delays the onset of ovulation but only in few cases; hence, it’s not 100% proven to be an effective method of birth control.

One common myth is that when you are pregnant, you should be eating for two people.

The truth is that you should be eating a healthy amount of fruit, vegetables, and meat high is omega-3s.

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If they have this knowledge, they can be able to take precaution so as to avoid being pregnant again after a very short period.