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i really like how he acts on different scene all of the lines he throwing is just like normal thing on how we walks in reality he's smile is very charming also he is a very good singer i wish he could have one for real thing I wish you could see the latest drama this year. Love you Oppa :) First kdrama - OMG and I'm hooked to you! I wish you will break up soon with Gummy and find another woman that more beautiful than her, she is just not good enough for you oppa.. Jo Jung Suk draws me into to his charming characters and always leaves me happy to be alive. I hope you will win many awards this year, especially for Jealousy incarnate drama as best couple with Gong Hyo Jin unnie. i can feel all the butterflies in my stomach just by hearing that song. and I was think "how u can have that white pale face.. " I wasn't like u, like these days :-D ur role as Kang Sun Woo really ruin my head.. really just looking at you make me happy :-* I think you well done how to bring a nice acting as Kang Sun Woo, and actually how u kiss is melted everyone and how you care to Bong sun ahhh So Sweet oppa! Daddy s Lovely Daughter Jang Geun Suk Park Shin Hye Couple I many Japanese tourists gathered in the vicinity of Mapao Sangsu dong Seoul to catch a glimpse of the filming venue of Keun chan Jang Keun Suk . He began his career in theater, starring in "Spring Awakening", "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", and the stage adaptation of "The Harmonium in My Memory", among many other musicals and plays.It was co-hosted by Hwi Jae along with Kpop group Girls' Day member Minah and actor Jang Keun Suk.

I became a fan of him since Oh My Ghost (I still see him as chef though haha ? I don't like watching korean drama series before, not until i watched one of your series... the way you deliver your lines, the way you act and all of your facial expressions... May God continue to shower you with more blessings.. But I've gotta admit I was really surprised at your acting in Jealousy Incarnate! I can not wait your next drama...you hi chef kang.(my husband me) here in the philippines truly adore you in oh my ghost.team up w/ na bong-sun is really great &;perfect your so cute together and kaka in-love.to see your nextproject of course with her again.also watched friends over flowers.. First time i saw him on his movie with Shin Min Ah "My Love My Bride" and after that in his drama with Park Bo Young "Oh My Ghosts".

You're an effective actor that i was so hooked and wanted to finish every episodes. You got a fan in me and surely gets my support in all your movies, dramas and your theatre performances too! Started JI as my first kdrama, and the same with the couple JJS/GHJ. I swear if you dont win the best actor award at the SBS drama award this year I will be really really sad! I like to see your mimic, body gesture and tone of your voice.

I really love your acting, how you deliver those roles as if it was your own. Every-time I view his work I'm am captivated by his natural talent. I want you to be paired together with Yoon Eun Hye eonnie in the genre of romantic drama, comedy. Countless time watching and repeating your OMG serial yet not bored... I hope you continue to show us your amazing acting skills once again in the coming years!!! I saw your true talent in Jealousy Incarnate, you were acting, dancing, singing and playing with your heart.

but couldn't take him all the way through, finding myself fast-forward his scenes. I liked him as a supporting character, but as a lead, he's very lacking.

I found you quite short and it's hard to say (for me) that you are attractive person. I found you quite short and it's hard to say (for me) that you are attractive person. He had a very good potential I bet he will get more awards this year or next year.

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I wish more Canadians could be made aware of the entertainment they are missing. ❤️❤️❤️ i don't really follow any korean drama or movie or celebrities...