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credit hours: 3 ADST 2000 Introduction to African and African Diaspora Studies Introduction to African and African Diaspora Studies This course serves as an introduction to the study of Africa and its Diaspora and is intended to help students understand the complexities of interdisciplinary approaches to area studies.

Emphasis will be placed on the complementary nature of such scholarship and a portion of the course is devoted to learning how the same issue or thematic is treated in diverse ways depending on the disciplinary perspective of the scholar.

credit hours: 1-3 ADST 4920 Independent Studies Independent Studies Open to advanced student with approval of the director and subject to availability of faculty mentor.

credit hours: 3 ADST 5110 Capstone Capstone credit hours: 0 ADST 6050 Black Feminism and Social Movement in the United States Black Feminism and Social Movement in the United States This course surveys major thought and development in black feminism to understand its application to political, social, and economic issues relevant to black women's lives.

ADST 1550 New Orleans Hip Hop I New Orleans Hip Hop I This course surveys major locations, musical influences, and aesthetic elements of New Orleans hip hop culture, with special emphasis on Bounce and the defining features of local spoken word.

The ideas of “race” and the various forms of institutional and quotidian racism in Brazil make for compelling contrasts and comparisons with the United hours: 3 ADST 3550 Third World Cinema Third World Cinema This course surveys the cinematic practices of the developing nations of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.The filmic practice, at once revolutionary and ideological, has not only produced some of the world's most striking filmic innovations, but is now recognized as having initiated a new phase and expanded definitions of the art of cinema.The relationship of cinematic practices to transformation in the social and economic sphere will be examined, as well as the creation of distinctively African film styles based on oral traditions.In pursuing these topics, we will consider the impact of technology, history and culture, ties to the cinema of other developing nations and co-productions.

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Students also learn the history of the Free Southern Theater and the Black Arts Movement in the South.

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