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Updating a file random access in c

function, while opening you can use any of the following mode as per the requirement.Mode “r”: It is a read only mode, which means if the file is opened in r mode, it won’t allow you to write and modify content of it.

Here str represents the string (array of char) in which you are storing the string after reading it from file.

When function creates a new file when the specified file doesn’t exist and if it fails to open file then it returns NULL.

Mode “a”: Using this mode Content can be appended at the end of an existing file.

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Accessing a binary file from a C program (by not using the old C functions) requires firstly attaching a stream variable to the file.

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Mode “w ”: Same as mode “w” apart from operations, which can be performed; the file can be read, write and modified in this mode.

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