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Additionally, another 20 percent of EPA employees will be eligible for retirement in the next five years.

Because the allowances were purchased outside Europe, they were not subject to the European Union’s 19.6 per cent value added tax.And if just those slated to retire by early 2021 leave, Administrator Scott Pruitt and his team will have reduced a staff of nearly 15,000, to below 8,000, or a reduction of 47 percent.“We’re proud to report that we’re reducing the size of government, protecting taxpayer dollars and staying true to our core mission of protecting the environment,” Pruitt said in a statement As of January 3, 2018, the EPA has 14,162 employees.The whole graph would be a horizontal line if it were calibrated in whole degrees -- thus showing ZERO warming The truly alarming scale of the global ocean plastic crisis laid bare by Storm Eleanor A big moan from Britain about floating plastic below.Inevitably, they want "us" to do something about it.

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Natural Isn't Synonymous With Better Selling Americans the snake oil of "raw water" is the absurd conclusion of rabid environmentalism.

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