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del Toro’s first DGA Award nomination GRETA GERWIG Lady Bird (A24) Ms.

Gerwig’s Directorial Team: Unit There was an infectious energy in Hollywood today as Mary J.

You’re busy, they’re busy so that helps and I know people think that it may be a thing like we don’t get to talk as much or there’s no time but it helps because we’re young, we’re living our lives.

The number one thing that’s been important to me not having any pressure, there’s no pressure on it things go a lot smoother.

Ryan spoke with Live Civil and gave her thoughts on Gabby being a secret “hater!

That was very weird to me, weird in a good way because I didn’t expect her to put me in her book period.

He impersonated the presumed dead Hank Henshaw in order to keep watch over Alex and Kara as part of a promise he made to the late Jeremiah Danvers.

An unnamed Vigilante Man with lots of gadgets and inner demons who collaborated with Superman before.

” She said she had no idea she was being so petty in her head when they met, but she took it positively.After growing listless of seeing Kara save the city, especially with her cousin, James decided to get into the crime-fighting business himself; using armor created by Winn, he became a vigilante under the code name "Guardian".Director of the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) and the last Green Martian; the sole survivor of the peaceful race that was massacred by their White Martian rivals.The cousin of Superman, she survived the destruction of her home planet of Krypton and has lived on Earth with the Danvers family for twelve years.She now tries to make her name as a superheroine in her own right.

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While his name is never mentioned within the show, Word of God confirms that he is indeed Bruce Wayne aka Batman.