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It can be scary to be on stage, but the best thing that could happen is you change someone and you connect with someone on this amazing, emotional level. Maybe the only thing that’s hurt is your ego a bit, and who really cares!

I’m loving seeing that there are so many fans of my music out there.

I suppose I can find that in any kind of person, but I sort of imagine that I’d want to be with someone who’s also an artist or musician – someone who also requires a bit of [the same]. I think they got married, I heard through the grapevine. Writing a song doesn’t get a guy to like you, it turns out. I used to get really bad stage fright, so I would say in that case maybe it didn’t help me.

I’d forget all of the things I practiced because I just didn’t have control over my body and if you’re a performer on stage there’s a certain amount of control you need.

The really bad nervousness started to disappear when I realized that it’s all just no big deal.

I’m just on stage singing and the worst that happens is I mess up.

It was only our second show and we realized for the first show we did a nice little powwow. ” Usually when I travel—being in hotel rooms and having big blocks of space to myself—I do tend to write, but with a tour we’re all together in a van so it’s more of a group situation. [“The Walking Dead” Spoiler alert] It’s almost like a workbook and I started doing it when I found out I was going to be killed on “The Walking Dead” – I just needed a little focus.

We held hands and said, “Okay, let’s focus on the music and let go of the day and really be in the moment on stage.” We didn’t do that for our second show of the tour and the third show we all thought something didn’t feel right. We listen to a lot of comedy podcasts so that’s really fun in the van. I had actually lived in Atlanta [because of the show], so not only was I sad to be leaving a job but there were also the logistics of moving and wondering what I should do next.

I was feeling pulled in a lot of directions, the book gave me these exercises to do.

Americanos with a little bit of steamed almond milk is my jam. I usually write by myself, so it requires me to have some alone time.

It takes me away, and not just physically away when I’m on tour.

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(It’s pricey so I only buy things which are on sale!

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