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Xenotime dating website

The ZAF matrix correction used was that of Armstrong (1984).

Our observations suggest that major and accessory phases interact in a coupled fashion during metamorphism, and also approach a state of compositional equilibrium as reactions proceed., 2000).During recent mapping, in the central western part of NSB, west of Pamuru town, in a metapellite of Udayagiri Domain (consisting mainly of quartz, muscovite, paragonite, Spessartine garnet, chlorite, chloritoid and magnetite as accessory mineral) four small grains of Xenotime has been found, among which three grains have been dated.Xenotime is a rare earth phosphate mineral whose major is Yttrium orthophosphate (YPO4).Xenotime preferentially incorporates smaller HREEs and Yitrium.Xenotime has high U content and very low initial Pb concentration, so it is ideal for U-Pb geochronology.

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Minimum detection limit (MDL) is calculated using the relationship from Ziebold (1967), MDL ≥ 3·29Negative value for background (Bkg) indicates that both background measurements were taken on the same side of the peak measurement to prevent major-element peak interferences.